Frotcast 381: Jaws And Christian Corner, With Dave Thomason And Scott Luhrs

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08.30.18 17 Comments

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Remember that guy who said ska is the sound a 13-year-old hears in his head when he gets more mozzarella sticks? That’s Well that was Dave Thomason (Comedy Central, HBO) who said that, and he’s on the show this week. He joins Vince and Matt, along with fellow comic Scott Luhrs. We’re revisiting Jaws (in order to better appreciate The Meg), as well as Tales From NPR, and Christian Corner. This week’s Christian title is God Bless The Broken Road, a film adaptation of a Rascal Flatts song from the director of God’s Not Dead and God’s Not Dead 2 about soldiers and NASCAR starring LaDainian Tomlinson. We even have an EXCLUSIVE first-hand Kirk Cameron story. It’s pretty good stuff. Donate at, please send us your related comments and stories at, thanks and Frot on.


5:13 – Tales From NPR

13:44 – Begin Jaws talk

40:00 – Christian Corner, with God Bless The Broken Road, and a very special Kirk Cameron story, courtesy of Scott

55:00 – Matt tells the story of his friend who did so much Adderall he built a Delorean hover craft.

1:04:00 – When your ska bit goes viral without you.

1:09:00 – Discussing Louis CK’s “comeback” comedy set.

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