Happy Madison Got Its Claws On ‘Bad Toys 2’

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07.26.12 6 Comments

For the second time in two years, Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production company is getting into the short-film-goes-big-time business. In 2010, Sandler picked up the rights to the immensely popular Pixels, which saw New York City invaded by classic 8-bit video game characters. And now, Happy Madison will bring the beloved French short film Bad Toys 2 to theaters.

Bad Toys 2 is the simple story of a dad who gets his hands on his kid’s toys and his imagination turns them into his very own big budget action films on the mean streets of a child’s bedroom floor. The action switches awesomely between the dad’s hand racing two cars against each other while using the other toys as obstacles and the imaginary cops and robbers that he voices along the way.

You can watch Bad Toys 2 in its entirety after the jump, while I go get some morphine and prepare to offer my standard Happy Madison response.

First of all, both Pixels and Bad Toys 2 are completely worthy of the feature film treatment. They’re incredibly creative and enjoyable, and I can watch them over and over. That said…

I completely forgot that Sandler and his crew of one-note goons picked up Pixels in the first place, and after sitting through the mouth-breathing garlic fart of That’s My Boy, I at least had hope that the Happy Madison guys would realize that they were coming off a box office bomb and start taking themselves a little more seriously. But they haven’t learned. They’re just re-upping and doubling down on their terrible formula of recycled idea + every actor we can think of = success.

Just look at the cast of the next Madison film, Grown Ups 2. They’re bringing the house, because they’re desperate for relevance. And just seeing “Male Cheerleader” next to some of those names has me curled up in a ball in a cold sweat. Also, Jon Lovitz plays himself. Brace yourselves, people.

But this is about Bad Toys 2, a short film that deserves serious respect. I simply fear that Daniel Brunet and Nicolas Douste agreeing to get into bed with Sandler is one of those Jerry Lewis/French people things. Sacre bleu.

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