Frotcast Bonus: Matt And Vince Review ‘Hotel Mumbai’

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This past week I dragged Matt out to Beverly Hills for a screening of Hotel Mumbai and I’ve never seen him so depressed. Poor lil’ fella really doesn’t like terrorism movies! Armie Hammer and Dev Patel star in Hotel Mumbai, the story of India’s 9/11, 26/11, a 2008 series of coordinated attacks on hotels, train stations, and other sites in Mumbai. Anthony Maras directs, and we wonder whether a well-made movie makes up for intensely depressing subject matter. Also, can Jason Isaacs do anything? 

It should be noted, we recorded this episode before the Christchurch attacks, after which the film was pulled from release in Australia and New Zealand. Gosh what a fun disclaimer to have to put in a movie review! What a time to be alive.

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