Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan in a movie I'll never see

Ever since The King’s Speech, there have been more and more movies that seem more like unintentional parodies of Oscar movies than actual movies – The Iron Lady, Albert Nobbs, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. But Precious director Lee Daniels (have you ever seen the misspelled credits sequence in Precious? it’s f*cking MINDBLOWING) may have just raised the bar.

Longtime liberal activist Jane Fonda is set to play the revered republican Nancy Reagan in the movie “The Butler.” The Wrap has confirmed that the 74-year-old has signed on for the part.

(*bangs head on desk*)

The  historical drama is based on a story written in the Washington Post about a White House servant, Eugene Allen, who served eight presidents in the White House from Harry Truman through Ronald Reagan -— meaning plenty of chances for cameos from A-list actors.
The stellar cast may also include Forest Whitaker in the title role of butler Allen; Oprah Winfrey as Allen’s wife; and Liam Neeson and John Cusack as Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. Mila Kunis has been mentioned for the role of Jackie Kennedy.
Going public with the news to drum up interest before all casting is a done deal could be a play for financing and distribution, which is also not finalized, according to Variety. [Yahoo]

Can we just give Lee Daniels an Oscar an exchange for a promise not to make this? He’s like the North Korea of directors. I wonder if we’ll find out that Nancy Reagan secretly had AIDS and an incest baby and couldn’t read. Maybe Gabourey Sidibe as the sassy Jamaican ambassador? “Ear me now – ya gwan take dem bandulu plane hout me bumbaclot hairspace if ya know what’s good far ya, BUH! BUH! Now whar me put me donut?”

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