A Stolen Leg And A Jewel Concert: Discussing Episode 303 Of The Sopranos, In Pod Yourself A Gun

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This week on Pod Yourself A Gun, a Sopranos rewatch podcast, we’re discussing Sopranos season three episode three, “Fortunate Son,” which originally premiered March 11, 2001. This episode may not be quite as good as the previous week’s, (one of the best Sopranos episodes ever in this podcaster’s opinion) but it seems to mark a period when even a medium-level Sopranos episode was head and shoulders above anything else on TV. They were back (back) back in a Newark groove, if you will.

This week’s guest is television writer and co-host of the Sexy Unique Podcast Carey O’Donnell (@ecareyo) who has some New Jersey roots of his own to bring to bear in this episode. “Fortunate Son,” directed by Henry J. Bronchtein and written by Todd A. Kessler, really has everything. Christopher becomes a made guy (with a possible omen from a crow), Tony discovers the meat-connection to his panic attacks, AJ struggles with his own mediocrity, and Janice comes back into town to steal Livia’s ex-nurse Svetlana’s prosthetic leg (one of the greatest storylines in Sopranos history, if you ask me). We also get to know little Jackie Aprile, who sort of pisses off everyone and eventually ropes Christopher into a plot to rob a benefit concert at Rutgers headlined by Jewel, an event Matt has astutely termed “a Jewel heist.”

Oh, and did you know there was a pre-blog Perez Hilton cameo?


It’s a fantastic episode, both of The Sopranos and of Pod Yourself A Gun, but really, is there any other kind? Even our B+ episodes are miles better than other podcasts, that’s just me being modest. If you love it, please give us a five-star review on Apple Podcasts and/or wherever you get your podcasts. If you don’t, always remember, no refunds.