This Week In Movie Posters: New Images From ‘Snowden,’ ‘Puerto Ricans In Paris,’ And A Nicolas Cage Thriller

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05.03.16 44 Comments

This week in This Week In Posters begins with Friend Request. I don’t speak Italian (mama mia, I only-a speak-a inna di bad-a Italian-a accent!), but this might be the most perfect graphic representation of a local news-style, “and-your-kids-could-be-doing-it!” scare piece I’ve ever seen. It took me a minute to realize the outline was supposed to be the Facebook logo. At first I thought it was a cross, being Italian and all. Maybe that was intended, they get the Biblical symbolism and Facebook satire in one go.

The film, by the way, isn’t Italian, just the poster. I had to look that up. The leopard-print iPhone seemed very Italian. “Mama mia, come-a look-a atta thees-a iPhone! She look-a just-a like-a the big-a cat, bellissima, belliiiiissiimaa…”

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