Universal rebooting their 1-year-old remake of Wolfman. Game over, man.

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06.09.11 11 Comments

Del Toro with his agent

In 2008, Universal replaced director Mark Romanek with Joe Johnston a few months before shooting began on Wolfman, and had David Self do a rewrite.  The film came out in 2010 and was a critical and commercial failure (budget: $150 million, worldwide gross: $139 million). Then Marvel hired Johnston to direct Captain America so no one can say Hollywood doesn’t learn from its mistakes.  But Universal had planned Wolfman as the first of a lucrative franchise, and stupid ideas die hard (possible title for next Die Hard sequel?).  So now, instead of the sequel they had planned, they’re “rebooting” the Wolfman.  Which, again, came out last year. They’re considering calling it “Werewolf.”

Universal were considering doing a sequel to the recent – god awful – ”The Wolfman”, which featured Benicio del Toro as the sharp-clawed Talbot – that’s no longer the case. Michael Tabb’s script is being rewritten and reworked to be an original film – almost a reboot of the classic Universal monster movie series.
If anything, this new film – they’ve yet to decide on a title though I hear “Werewolf” is popular -will share a link to the original George Waggner film (from 1941) rather than Joe Johnston’s ill-fated 2009 remake.
As I said, the Universal project is currently undergoing a rewrite; it is likely headed before the cameras in the Fall. The studio is said to be talking to prospective directors over the next couple of weeks. Casting will begin shortly thereafter. |Moviehole|

Maybe get Joe Johnston to direct?  I hear he has a lot of juice right now.  And instead of “Werewolf,” maybe call it “Taylor Lautner.”

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