WATCH: Young, Pre-Fame Brad Cooper asks Sean Penn for acting advice

These days, Brad Cooper is a world-famous, preposterously handsome actor nominated for best actor at this Sunday’s Oscars for his work running around in a garbage bag in Silver Linings Playbook. But back in 1999, he was just a fresh-faced, preposterously handsome, 24-year-old with a Hugh Grant haircut studying at the actor’s studio. Sean Penn was in the studio, and young Mr. Cooper even got to ask him a question. A very actor-y question:

“Hey, Mr. Penn, my name’s Bradley Cooper, I’m a second-year actor. My question’s regarding Hurlyburly. What was it like to revisit a character – Eddie- after ten-year hiatus? Did you have new discoveries? Did you find that it was a different approach because you had already done this character before?

As likable as Brad Cooper is, the only thing lamer than actors discussing their craft is comedians discussing their craft. Sean Penn even looks like he’s dismissive wanking during the response, which seems fitting to the whole endeavor.

And here’s Cooper back on Inside the Actor’s Studio as both a guest and a graduate, a moment that makes James Lipton so proud that he nearly cries. Of course, he is an acting teacher, so he probably gets overcome with emotion just taking a dump. My God, so much crying. I understand why James Lipton is crying, because he’s probably overcome with joy about the extra half mil he’s going to make off kids thinking the Actor’s Studio is a legitimate path to success now. But even Cooper can’t stop crying. He wells up when he gets asked about cooking. It just goes to show, the first thing you need if you want to start an acting school is proper drainage. Otherwise that place is going to be a tear and mucus-fed mold factory. Sort of like your mom.

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