Well, That’s Why ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Got An M-Rating

When we reported that Batman: Arkham Knight got the Money, er, excuse me, Mature-rating from the ESRB, our crack commenting team speculated that it might be due to the Red Hood missions you can only get by preordering from GameStop. Chalk one up to the team because it looks like they were right.

Admittedly, you can’t tell much from this brief, albeit pretty funny, spot, but what little we actually see of the levels is intriguing. Here’s pretty much what we see, in GIF form, and it’s a bit of a switch from the usual gameplay:


That’s… very Gears of War of you, Rocksteady. I’m not complaining; we’re going to have plenty of gargoyle-clinging and mook-punching in the actual game, and I actually prefer it when developers use DLC to explore new ideas. But it does seem a bit tonally different, and we’ll just have to see how that works when the game itself arrives June 23. Plan your sick days accordingly.