Trevor Noah Shows Off ‘Battlefield V’ And The Series’ Impressive Return To WWII

Last week the first confirmed details and modes featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 were revealed, now, with E3 on the horizon, it’s EA’s turn to show off their premiere shooter, Battlefield V. With help from The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah, developer DICE made the big reveal that Battlefield will be moving on from World War I and transitioning to the fronts of WWII.

Noah, to his credit, was pretty direct when asking questions of the developers. We’ve been to WWII countless times — what’s going to make this different? DICE wants to tell stories about the war that have taken a backseat, and send players on a journey in a campaign, which is fascinating considering CoD is ditching its campaign for zombies and a battle royale mode.

As far as new modes and gameplay features, the devs are stressing that the battlefield itself will be a major character itself, and the terrain and world around you being destroyed will be taken to a new level.

Operations will be back, called Grand Operations, and players will traverse various battles from the sky to the land while telling a narrative story over four days. As each day passes, depending on how the battle went, reinforcements and terrain will differ. It seems truly unique. If you get dominated, you may never even see Day 4. But if you do get there, it actually kind of sounds like the final showdown will be a battle royale mode.

Battlefield V will also feature co-op in the campaign, which is a welcome addition. EA also showed off plenty of concept art. (The devs pointed out that gameplay will be shown at E3.) Now, instead of every player having a gas mask like in BF 1, all players will have a toolbox and allow players to build fortifications and reinforce buildings that have been destroyed to hold points. You can even build foxholes.

As expected, there are plenty of vehicles from the era in the game. It’s clear that BF V will try to be the ultimate WWII shooter, instead of just a shooter that has a WWII skin. It seems like adapting to the situation is the name of the game now, whereas previous Battlefield games had only intermittent updates to the original game that came out in 2002. If a building is destroyed, reinforce it.

Then, Noah straight up asked if the game will be “pay to win.” The devs emphatically said no, but Noah didn’t let up. It led to the news that there is no more Premium Pass and expansions will be free, but that’s also where Battlefront II did, and EA will have to get paid somehow. So we’ll see when that shoe drops.

But the journey EA is laying out is pretty fascinating. Like Battlefront II, there will be chapters unlocking every few months with new events and “constantly evolving.”

In motion, the game looks truly stunning. The animation looks lifelike and locomotion looks like there is real weight to the characters as they fight in the sh*t. CoD looks like it has some major competition. Maybe even Fortnite.

Battlefield V drops on October 19.