‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4’ Shows Off A Zombie Mode For Everyone In Their Trailer-Heavy Reveal Event

It’s the time of year when new game releases get hype-inducing trailers to beat the massive wave of information that will come out of E3. Battlefield promised a huge reveal next week, and today, Call of Duty unveiled three trailers for their much-loved zombie mode which looks like it’s going places it’s never been before, while also giving players a little something for everyone. Yes, there will be traditional multiplayer in Black Ops 4, (as seen above), but these zombie modes…

According to Activision, the zombies mode will revolve around the story of an ancient order that’s using artifacts to turn the world to zombies. It’s deep stuff. For longtime fans of the series and the mode, however, there are threads from the previous titles connecting the artifacts to the Nazi regime and beyond.

The story begins with a heist with thieves that stick out like a sore thumb. It’s fine, they’re not going to get away with anything it seems.

Those same thieves then move onto the next map, which takes place in a battle arena what looks to be hundreds of years ago.

The third trailer, titled Blood of the Dead, will put players back into a prison just like in Black Ops 2.

With the news out that CoD will be eschewing a single-player mode in order to focus on multiplayer (including a battle royale mode), it makes sense that they go all-out on the zombie mode. Still, it’s not all just the typical multiplayer action plus zombies, like usual.

Oh, and this may be the battle royale mode:

Activision said that this map is the biggest ever created and will feature some aspects of past maps (probably because they’re throwing this together quickly). All weapons will be usable — from rocket launchers to RC cars — and the mode will be played solo or in teams, just like Fortnite or PUBG. It’s still unknown if 100 players will drop in like those incredibly popular games.

Very interesting.