Trevor Noah Is Hosting A ‘Battlefield V’ Reveal, Which Could Be A Battle Royale Mode

05.16.18 1 year ago

In these weeks before E3, there’s a triple-A game arms race that’s heating up. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is official now, and with it comes a battle royale mode in lieu of a single-player campaign, and now, here is Trevor Noah, activating Battlefield 1‘s long-hidden easter egg, revealing Battlefield V. Next week on May 23, he’ll be front and center at the Battlefield V reveal. But what will it be? Dollars for donuts — a battle royale mode. It has to be, right?

But on a recent earnings call, EA said the next Battlefield game would feature “compelling single-player stories” after Battlefield 1‘s vignettes were so well-received. Could Battlefield and EA be going in the exact opposite direction of Call of Duty? In addition to the single-player stories that were a big part of Battlefield 1, the success of the Operations mode could return, with multiple reports coming out of EA that there will be large-scale battles that will traverse multiple maps. It’s all pretty fascinating.

Oh, and here’s that easter egg that took years to be discovered:

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