Trevor Noah Is Hosting A ‘Battlefield V’ Reveal, Which Could Be A Battle Royale Mode

In these weeks before E3, there’s a triple-A game arms race that’s heating up. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is official now, and with it comes a battle royale mode in lieu of a single-player campaign, and now, here is Trevor Noah, activating Battlefield 1‘s long-hidden easter egg, revealing Battlefield V. Next week on May 23, he’ll be front and center at the Battlefield V reveal. But what will it be? Dollars for donuts — a battle royale mode. It has to be, right?

But on a recent earnings call, EA said the next Battlefield game would feature “compelling single-player stories” after Battlefield 1‘s vignettes were so well-received. Could Battlefield and EA be going in the exact opposite direction of Call of Duty? In addition to the single-player stories that were a big part of Battlefield 1, the success of the Operations mode could return, with multiple reports coming out of EA that there will be large-scale battles that will traverse multiple maps. It’s all pretty fascinating.

Oh, and here’s that easter egg that took years to be discovered:

The fact is, Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and H1Z1 have dominated the market for so long that there will have to be some sort of battle royale mode that EA can point to. If Call of Duty is doing it, they have to as well, right? Money talks, and millions of people being obsessed with that particular style of play walks.

Battlefield V has a tentative release date in October, while CoD should be coming out in November.

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