16-Bit Oversights: Games That Should Have Been Included In The New Mini SNES Classic Edition

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06.27.17 16 Comments

With the announcement of the SNES Classic from Nintendo, set to hit stores this September, many are zooming down the list of offered games and debating over what seems to be missing from the list. The Super Famicom Classic being released in Japan features a few different games that won’t be appearing Stateside — similar to the release of the Japanese NES Classic. The difference this time around, for both releases, is how solid the chosen games are for the SNES Classic. There isn’t a bad game in the bunch and they’re all worth your time, unlike the NES Classic where you could easily skip a few because they didn’t age very well.

That said, there are still quite a few games that the SNES Classic is missing from the vaunted history of the console. One of the biggest, but understandable absences is Chrono Trigger and it’s a deal breaker for some around the internet. Others are willing to overlook it, despite keeping it at the top of their wish list for their dream version of the SNES Classic. That’s why we’re just skipping it and treating it as a forgone conclusion at this point.

Note: Most sports games are missing from this list, save for one exception.

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