Now That E3 2018 Is Over, Here Are Some Of The Funniest Reactions To It

Now that the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is over, we can look back on some of the best jokes made about the upcoming games. We already rounded up some funny tweets during the halfway point of the event, and you can read those here. Now we have the rest, and it seems one leggy character really ran away with the show.

This tweet summed up the difference between what’s promised at E3 and what we eventually get:

People continued to lament the lack of Animal Crossing news:

Others celebrated game announcements in unusual ways, like adding Jimmy Barnes the singing Australian/Scottish cowboy from “Big Enough” to The Elder Scrolls VI.

The mysteries behind Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding remained unsolved:

Some people saw themselves reflected in Fallout 76 and that’s beautiful.

People managed to stay focused on the important things, like Snake’s butt.

It got a little political at times:

Kingdom Hearts is still confusing to some:

Bethesda showed a comedy sketch about “Skyrim for Alexa” starring Keegan-Michael Key, but that joke will only unleash a monster:

And, of course, people on Twitter had a lot to say about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:

One character who kept popping up in tweets about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was Waluigi. Just as in the last tweet roundup, people were still airing their grievances about Nintendo saying, “Everyone is here” and yet, there was no Waluigi:

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Some people got to work fixing the announcement. Now everyone is Waluigi:

Others had their own theories:

While others were just upset:

Via Reddit

Press “F” to pay respects:

But wait! What if…


(Hat tip to Dorkly, Kotaku, and The Mary Sue)