Kim Kardashian’s Mobile Game Has Made Her A Truly Astounding Amount Of Money

Before she was breaking the Internet, Kim Kardashian was breaking the mobile gaming market with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a free-to-play game in which you gain LA cred by shopping, clubbing, bickering with friends, going on dates and all the other wonderful things a Kardashian might do to make it to the top. Well, all the PG-rated stuff at least. Of course, you can fast-track your way to tabloid fame by buying and spending “K-coins” with real money.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood was a pretty popular, hell it still is a couple of years after its release, but do these kind of cellphone games really make all that much money? You bet your sizable booty they do. Kim has made “get the debt collectors off Kanye’s back with plenty to spare” money off this game.

According to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood publisher Glu Mobile, the game generated more than $100 million in its first year or so, and has since surpassed $200 million. So, how much of that money goes to Kim? A whopping 45 percent. Dang. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Kim’s sisters Kylie and Kendall have just released their own mobile game, and Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj are looking to hook up with Glu Mobile, as well.

Say what you want about Kim, but between this game and her emojis, which were making more than $1 million a goddamn minute at one point, you sure as hell can’t question her tech savvy.

(Via IGN)

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