‘Let’s Go Pikachu’ Is Pure Nostalgia Designed For Pokemon Fans To Fall In Love All Over Again

11.30.18 6 months ago

Nintendo Switch

One of the most interesting things about entertainment in 2018 is the evolution of the reboot. So many movies, TV shows and other forms of entertainment have been revived almost exclusively for nostalgia’s sake. Every television show that gained even a hint of a cult following in the 90s feels like it’s coming back to network television. But as Halloween (2018) showed, not every one of these properties have to directly follow the original, and some of them can even be good.

In a very strange sense, Let’s Go Pikachu is the Halloween version a video game reboot in 2018. The Nintendo Switch title dropped alongside Let’s Go Eevee in mid-November and brings the iconic Game Freak RPG onto Nintendo’s hybrid console. While it’s not an altogether new journey, it does have some interesting quirks that make it something unique.

But first, let’s make this clear: If you’ve played Pokemon Red or Blue, you’ve played this game before. The first 151 Pokemon are there. You walk through Saffron City and need the Sliph Scope to see ghosts in Pokemon Tower. The same general arc of the RPG you fell in love with alongside Dominik Hasek and the 1999 Buffalo Sabres is back. OK, so maybe that last part was just me.

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