The First Gameplay Of ‘Outlast 2’ Is Here, And It’s As Horrifying As You’d Expect

Outlast was the surprise hit of 2013, and since its release, the indie title has endured as one of the most terrifying games ever made. Full disclosure: I was supposed to review the game for a horror site a few years back, but I legitimately couldn’t finish it because Outlast was just too scary. Yeah, I know it’s “just a game,” but creeping down the halls of a remote psychiatric hospital lit only by your camera’s night vision was a recipe for peed pants that I couldn’t overcome. Nor could Conan.

As the years post-release went by, developer Red Barrels enjoyed Outlast‘s second life as a must-play in the game streaming community. Now, one of the most anticipated sequels in horror game history is creeping its way to us this fall for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The setting has changed, but not much else. The protagonist is still has an expensive, waterproof camera with plenty of batteries and tape, and everything wants to kill him. In this preview by Gamespot, we get a good amount of info for what’s in store for Outlast 2 – a southern cult that has no qualms hacking people up. A farm that seems to be a breeding ground for ritual sacrifice, or perhaps cannibalism (conjecture but what else could it be?) and a cornfield.

Only Red Barrels could make a cornfield as scary as hell. I look forward to not playing this game when it comes out. Too scary.

(Via Gamespot)