Police Arrest A Man For Uttering A ‘Terroristic Threat’ After He Promises A ‘Pokemon Go’ Purge

Okay let’s be honest, the hordes of Pokemon Go players milling about, going places they shouldn’t, and just generally causing trouble can be a bit aggravating. You’d be forgiven for wishing the whole thing would go away for a while, but unfortunately a Texas man went way too far with his anti-Pokemon sentiments.

A Palmview, Texas resident named Nathan Cerda recently posted on Facebook that he and some friends were going to go on a Pokemon Go “purge” with high-powered paintball guns. Given the current climate of violence, it was not a smart thing to joke about. His post has since been removed, but here’s a delightful excerpt:

“Warning…All u Pokemon Go people tomorrow me and some friends are taking out our modified paintball guns and we gonna Purge. And I know you stupid people are walking all over the place looking at the phone trying to find these Pokemon. Tomorrow we are going to be everywhere so be aware of your surroundings.”

Cerda’s threat was reported to the authorities, and he’s since been arrested for uttering a “terroristic threat.” The police explained the arrest in a rather detailed Facebook post of their own:

This may seem like a pretty stiff punishment for what was probably a gag, but again, given numerous eruptions of public violence we’ve seen lately, joking about carrying out a Pokemon Go purge isn’t going to elicit many laughs from law enforcement. Also, Cerda happens to be a registered sex offender, so yeah… no need to feel too sorry for the guy. Thankfully, Palmview Pokemon Go players can now catch their Psyducks in peace.

(Via Digital Trends and Kotaku)