‘Star Wars: Battlefront 2’ Enters ‘The Last Jedi’ Season With Free Content That Mostly Stays On Target

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The disappointing grind-fest that was Star Wars: Battlefront 2 at launch has been softened thanks to fan outcry and protests against the game’s pay-to-win loot box system. To their credit, EA and DICE have continued to make plenty adjustments since launch, now it’s officially “Last Jedi Season” and Battlefront 2 is getting free DLC additions to both the campaign that was cut jarringly short, and the multiplayer that will get some locales and heroes from The Last Jedi, which is coming to theaters soon. (Have you heard?)

The timing of the movie and DLC release is actually quite novel. Finn and Captain Phasma have been added to the Hero list, and the battle for Crait, which has been shown off in just about every Last Jedi trailer, is front and center as the Galactic Assault multiplayer map to play. It features divots and bunkers that are reminiscent of Hoth on the original Battlefront (from two years ago), as well as gives fans a taste of the First Order’s newfangled Walkers. It’s a worthy addition to the game, and a reminder of how much fun it can be. There’s also a new Starfighter assault map in The Last Jedi‘s D’Qar. Free is an excellent price for this DLC. The campaign DLC, not so much.

*Some spoilers here that have nothing to do with the upcoming The Last Jedi*

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