Here Are The ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Celebrity Cameos To Watch For

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (our review here) seems to be following Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ lead in at least one respect: hidden celebrity cameos as little Easter eggs for the fans. The Force Awakens included cameos like Simon Pegg as Unkar Plutt, Daniel Craig as a Stormtrooper in a pivotal scene, Warwick Davis and Judah Friedlander as bar patrons, Ewan McGregor voicing Obi-Wan, and Ben Schwartz and Bill Hader voicing BB-8.

And now we have an update about six cameos in The Last Jedi, courtesy of Screen Rant.

We’ll try to keep this mostly spoiler free, but there may be mild potential spoilers ahead.

As previously rumored, Tom Hardy will be playing a Stormtrooper, and Screen Rant says he’s appearing alongside three more Stormtroopers played by Prince William, Prince Harry, and Take That lead singer (and The X Factor UK host) Gary Barlow. [UPDATE: Tom Hardy’s cameo revealed.]

Earlier rumors claimed Tom Hardy’s cameo involves Hardy running into his former classmate Finn (John Boyega) when Finn is trespassing on a First Order base, but Hardy’s Stormtrooper thinks Finn is a double agent for the First Order and congratulates him on landing the new job. We’re assuming this happens on Canto Bight, where Finn, Rose Tico, and Benicio del Toro’s character go undercover for a mission (as hinted at in the screencap above taken from the trailer).

The Last Jedi also reportedly includes cameos from two actors — Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Noah Segan — who will now have appeared in all four movies directed by Rian Johnson. Segan’s role isn’t clear, but Gordon-Levitt is likely voicing an alien. [UPDATE: Joseph Gordon-Levitt played an Abednedo named Slowen-Lo who is on Canto Bight, and Noah Segan played a pilot.] Gordon-Levitt confirmed his and Segan’s cameos (but not who they’re playing) on Twitter:

Meanwhile, director Rian Johnson might tell you who they cameo as, provided you cross his palm with enough silver:

Rian Johnson is good at Twitter, in case you didn’t know.

(Via Screen Rant)