‘Super Mario Run’ Is Sprinting To Your Android Device This Month

Exciting news for Android users that enjoy watching diminutive plumbers run for their amusement in a non-sex way! Nintendo has has unveiled its release date for its Android Super Mario Run incarnation.

Already earmarked for a March arrival, Super Mario Run is now armed with a March 23 release date. Previously, the mobile game was (temporarily) exclusive to Apple device and pulled in over $53 million thanks to the allure of having Mario jump around and evade danger on your iPhone. Vacuuming up gamer money to that tune is impressive and nothing to sneeze at, but the Apple-specific sales didn’t quite reach the mega-blockbuster heights originally imagined for the game. Selling to a new crop of Android users will (presumably) fatten up Nintendo’s bottom line on this venture.

“For us, the stability of the iOS platform was important in choosing iPhones for the game,“ said Nintendo Creative Fellow Shigeru Miyamoto in a 2016 interview laying out why iOS got the preferential treatment in the first place.

Both the Android and iOS flavors of Super Mario Run will be arriving with the 2.0.0. version of the game. That means more playable characters to work with and a bonus hook to get folks that abandoned the game to come back. Now if someone could just get around to making a Super Mario Bros.: The Movie: The Game title for our phone that’d be swell.

(Via Polygon)