15,000 Czechs are Jedi Knights, According to Census

So, the Czech Republic had a census, asked people what their religion was, and 15,000 said “Jedi Knight”.

This isn’t without precedent: census results in Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Canada also had statistically significant “Jedi” responses, at least enough that they were forced to actually acknowledge that either there were a lot of rabid “Star Wars” fans in their country, or just a long tradition of pranking the census taker.

Either way, and to the credit of the government, they’re actually taking this seriously:

“Fifteen thousand adherents, which is the size of a small town, is not a negligible social phenomenon,” Stanislav Drapal, deputy head of the statistical office, told reporters.

Here’s our question: did anybody identify themselves as a Sith Lord? Because that’s really the guy you need to keep an eye on.

[ via Jezebel ]