20 More Thom Yorke Dancing Memes

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02.24.11 4 Comments

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Thom Yorke!

The last Dancing Thom slideshow was a smashing success.  Just listen to these happy readers:

ChinoMoreno says: Thom Yorke + Slayer = The Best Thing Ever. [Ed. – Indeed]

Dormammu says: *huffs spraypaint, chugs PBR tallboy* [Ed. – I may be taking this one a little out of context, but it’s a compliment if ever I’ve heard one.]

Ben says: That is the worst piece of crap I have ever wasted my time watching. Way to make fun of one of the few artists out there who actually make good music . . . douchebags.

The people have spoken.  Here are twenty more Dancing Thom videos to distract you from the drudgery of work if you ran out of spraypaint and PBR.  Most of these videos come from the awesome Dancing Thom Tumblr to whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude.  Additional videos come courtesy of TheHighDefinite and reader raretown.

Headphones up.  Some of the audio may be NSFW.

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