Alan Moore Turned Down $2 Million Instead Of Endorsing 'Before Watchmen'?

Alan Moore is a man with many talents: writer, wizard, mall Santa, Rasputin impersonator. He is also the co-creator of Watchmen. When DC Comics set up seven different prequel series based on Watchmen, Alan Moore called it “completely shameless“. Now Moore says in an interview that he was offered an enormous sum of money to offer his wizard-y blessings to Before Watchmen. Take a guess how that turned out.

“Well, they asked me if they could give me a huge amount of money to bring out these Watchmen prequel comics — which they were going to do anyway — and that was probably a couple of million dollars. I should imagine with all of the films it would be another few million? In a way it’s really empowering to do that. You can’t buy that kind of empowerment. To just know that as far as you are aware, you have not got a price; that there is not an amount of money large enough to make you compromise even a tiny bit of principle that, as it turned out, would make no practical difference anyway. I’d advise everyone to do it, otherwise you’re going to end up mastered by money and that’s not a thing you want ruling your life. Money’s fine if it enables you to enjoy your life and to be useful to other people. But as something that is a means to an end, no, it’s useless.” [Left Lion via Blastr]

F*cks given by Alan Moore: still zero.