AMC Theaters Will Roll Out ‘Thor: The Dark World’ On Thorsday

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10.23.13 6 Comments


We’re just a couple of weeks away from the next Marvel movie, Thor: The Dark World. And AMC would like to give you a chance to get caught up with everybody’s favorite Asgardian in 3D, in something they’re calling Thorsday. And it’s actually a pretty good deal.

Leaving aside the usual detritus you get at events like this, which are an ‘exclusive’ lanyard and a poster if you were wondering, the real appeal here is the movies. Essentially, if you can sneak out for a 2:30 showing, you can watch Thor, The Avengers, and Thor: The Dark World in 3D for $25. Sadly, the 2D option isn’t available as far as we can tell, although one can hope.

In most major metro areas, that’s $45 or so worth of moviegoing for a pretty cheap price. And, of course, you’ll also be among the first to see the new Thor movie; essentially you’re reserving your seat for the 8pm showings that all big movies are starting to see as studios get desperate for more money. You even get out of the theater late, but at a reasonable time.

If you were wondering what AMC gets out of this, the short answer is “Your money.” As attendance drops, theaters are getting more competitive, especially with guaranteed hits that have a built-in audience, in this case, us nerds. Also, Marvel is hoping that the Avengers boost that put Iron Man 3 into the billion-dollar gross club will carry over to the hammer-slingin’ blond.

One also assumes that we’ll be seeing trailers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier tagged to this movie, so that’s a nice bonus as well. So, if you can sneak away, it might be worth the money; here’s a complete list of theaters holding the event by state.

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