Australia Is Getting DC Comics License Plates? From the ’80s?

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11.09.11 3 Comments

So, we’ve got to ask, because it seems to happen an awful lot with DC merchandise, especially the stuff aimed at the mainstream market…does DC update its licensing art, like, at all?
Not that we don’t enjoy the art on these Australian license plates, because we’re ’80s kids and that art is very much part of the comics of our misspent youth, but, seriously, thirty years have passed, guys. This is the same art you were using on Underroos. It’s time to update it a little bit.
Oh, right, the license plates. They’re from the Aussie province of Victoria, which you know because it has Melbourne in it. And apparently their DMV writes truly terrible ad copy. Seriously. Check out the slideshow after the jump for the plates, and the comedy.

BAM!?  What, is Batman Emeril now?
Yeah, that’s about the kind of wit and colorful speech we’ve come to expect from Superman.
Apparently Wondy is still having trouble figuring out English. Greek is her first language, after all.
“My plate comes in pink! Because I’m a girl!”
So, wait, Green Lantern doesn’t get to finish his oath, and the Flash doesn’t even get his emblem on a plate?   Geez, DC really is treating them like B-listers these days.

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