‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Assembles New Character Posters And A Promo Clip

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice promotion continues to roll out, with the “DARKNESS. NO PARENTS.” tone still in effect. This new, brief promo clip seems to be all footage we’ve seen in the most recent trailer, but cut in a way to accentuate that this film about people in superhero costumes is super serious, you guys.

But lest we think this movie should be renamed Batman V Superman: Just Kiss Already, some new character posters are here to remind us it’s not all just misplaced sexual tension between two headstrong dudes. Wonder Woman is in this trinity, too.

First up, here’s a poster of Henry Cavill — er, Superman — doing the one angry face he knows how to do:

And here’s Batman wearing the strength-augmenting, Kryptonite-enhanced armor inspired by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns:

And here’s Wonder Woman doing her patented over-the-shoulder “the f*ck you just say?” look:

Batman v Superman: I Thought She Was With You opens March 25, 2016.

(Via The Playlist)

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