Chris O’Donnell Keeps His Robin Suit In An Appropriate Place

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02.21.14 16 Comments

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Batman Forever and Batman And Robin were a painful reminder that, in fact, studios could take a beloved franchise and murder it brutally in less than two films. A reminder that apparently Chris O’Donnell still has, reminding him that back in the ’90s he had a terrible agent.

O’Donnell was on Conan recently promoting his latest season of Acronyms Solving Crime, er, NCIS: LA. And, in the course of the interview, O’Donnell admitted that, yes, he still has the suit:

Apparently, after finishing the movie, he asked for a suit, and they dropped it off at his house. So it’s been where all your dreams go to die: Down in the basement, packed in a wood box. Similarly, all copies of the script of Batman and Robin were also buried in a basement, which was then filled with concrete. Currently, there are plans to irradiate the site. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the movie, but hey, we live in hope.

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