Comics Of Note, April 16th

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It’s a busy week in comics! Here’s a look at this week’s releases from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Valiant, Boom!, IDW, Dynamite, and Amigo Comics.

Sinestro #1

sinestro 1

DC Comics

The most feared Yellow Lantern gets his own ongoing and… well, honestly, it doesn’t hold up as well compared to Cullen Bunn’s other supervillain book over at the House of Ideas. Dale Eaglesham does good, if conventional, work, and Sinestro is well-characterized, but overall, it’s a fairly standard launch and largely for fans of the villain.

Hulk #1

hulk 1


Hulk is the strongest one there is. We all know this. And Banner is one of the smartest men on the planet. But what happens when you take one of those factors out of the equation? That’s the premise of Mark Waid’s relaunch, and it really has to be read to be believed, especially with Mark Bagley pitching in on art. Highly recommended.

Ultimate FF #1

ultimate FF 1


Honestly, this book is worth picking up for the last panel alone. Joshua Hale Fialkov picks up the Future Foundation after the Ultimate reboot, and it’s fairly entertaining, with fun, solid art from Mario Guevara. If you want a different spin on Marvel, this will be a good place to start.

Star Mage #1

star mage 1

IDW Publishing

Pulp SF and high fantasy collide in this book from J.C. De La Torre and Ray Dillon. Truthfully, the book’s a bit clunky and somewhat cliche in a few respects; De La Torre spends the last few pages dumping a lot of exposition on us. But Dillon’s art, albeit casting the characters a little young, does manage to keep things moving.

Translucid #1

translucid 1

Boom! Studios

To be honest, it’s not really clear, at first, what Chondra Echert and Claudio Sanchez are up to with their script and how the two seemingly disparate stories tie together. One suspects we’ll need to get the rest of the book for it to come into focus. Still, it’s well-done superhero action, and Daniel Bayliss’ artwork is top-notch.

Solar: Man Of The Atom #1



Dynamite’s revival of their Gold Key licenses continues! Frank Barbiere actually thinks out Solar pretty well as a character; there’s a great moment early on where he defeats a bank robber in the cleverest way possible. Then, of course, it all goes to hell. Joe Bennett’s art is precise and creative, perfect for the book. It’s not Turok just yet, but it is worth a read.

Ghost Wolf #1

ghost wolf


Can’t get enough Conan? This book has you covered. El Torres’ script and Siku’s art combine to essentially make this feel like a barbarian comic from the ’90s. It’s a bit purple and full of itself, but it’s amusing enough, and might be a good buy for barbarian fans.

The X-Files Annual 2014


IDW Publishing

Frank Spotnitz returns, with a little help, to the definitive SF series of the ’90s. Honestly, the story itself is very much like an old-fashioned X-Files episode, and that’s not a bad thing. That said, Stuart Sayger, while it’s clear why he was chosen, shows that caricature is not his strong suit as an artist. His moody and effective style is derailed almost completely by having to cartoon real-life actors. The back-up story Nightmare, with art from Andrew Currie and script by Dave Sim, is a far stranger and dream-like story, and certainly an interesting, oddball sideline. Only fans will view this as worth the eight bucks, but it’s at least a treat for those who love the series.

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