Exclusive Preview: ‘Green Lantern Corps’ #26

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12.06.13 2 Comments


John Stewart and Hal Jordan have never gotten along. And as much as everything has changed for the Green Lanterns, some things stay the same, like, as you may have noticed, Jordan getting his butt kicked.

If you haven’t been following Green Lantern, now would be a good time to start. Green Lantern Corps centers around John Stewart as he tries to teach a squad of rookie Lanterns how to keep evil from escaping their site, and also keep evil from killing them.

That’s been particularly hard as the Lanterns have faced first Volthoom, who dragged John through an emotional meat grinder, and Relic, who blew up Oa and told the Lanterns that by using their rings unwisely, they were destroying the universe. Oh, also the Guardians turned out to be monsters. Essentially it’s been a terrible year to be a Green Lantern.

Something John Stewart is about to explain to Hal with fists, as we’ll see in this preview…








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