Germans Get Us One Step Closer to a Terminator

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01.26.11 2 Comments

Not that we resent science for simply trying to advance robotics, but when you build something, look at it, and realize you’ve built a Terminator hand, you really have to ask yourself what, precisely, you’re trying to achieve as a scientist and whether it happens to be a good thing.
This particular hand of doom was constructed by the German Aerospace Center to be almost exactly like a human hand in range of motion and function. Most notably, instead of previous clunky technologies, it’s got 38 tendons arranged in a web, which lets it take more abuse and exert up to 30 newtons of force.
You know, to choke the mother of the resistance to death. In space. Nice going, Germany. Video of the robohand, and how it laughs off beatings, under the jump.

[ via the Cyberdyne programmers at Engadget ]

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