Guitar Hero Now Spits Hot Fire

01.10.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

Chris Marion has awesomely combined three of my favorite things — hard rock, video games, and fire — to create FireHero.  Sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found thee. He modified the Guitar Hero controller to interface with a manifold with actuated valves hooked to a propane tank. The five valves shoot fire in unison with the controller’s buttons. Even more amazing: it only took him a week to build it. You can view a very detailed photo diary of the build at Chris Marion’s website. Besides saying he’s planning to play “Through the Fire and Flames” later (HELL YES), he also gives more previews of what he’s planning next:

Ideas for Version 2 include:

  • option to use the whammy bar to control the height of the flame
  • Star Power, which would boost flame height or fire off additional fireballs
  • color-changing flames
  • auto-play functionality (in addition to manual mode)

I also have some ideas:

  • More fire.
  • Fire is so awesome.
  • Why are my pants suddenly off?

Two videos after the jump: “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)” and “Kickstart My Heart”.  More of this. Less of everything else.

This guy is killin’ it with fire. *honks nose, sprays seltzer*

To see the video for “War Pigs”, check out Chris’s site.

[Thanks to Hackaday and Chris Marion.]

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