Here’s The Very First Theatrical Trailer For ‘Star Wars Episode VI: Revenge Of The Jedi’

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10.23.13 8 Comments

Revenge of the Jedi

For the past several weeks, the folks behind the Star Wars YouTube channel have been treating us to a serious feast of nostalgia, as they first released the original teaser trailer for Star Wars and then followed it up with the trailer for The Empire Strikes Back. It shouldn’t have taken a psychic to figure out that the trailer for Return of the Jedi would be next, but if you actually found someone dumb enough to take that bet, well, you would have lost some coin.

Because as any person with the ability to read a Wikipedia page knows, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi was originally Revenge of the Jedi, but George Lucas ended up changing the title of the film because the Jedi way does not involve revenge. Sure, they’ll form a small band of rebels and avenge the murders of most of the members of the Jedi council, but that’s not revenge. Not even close.

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