‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’: Who Are The DLC Characters?

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04.17.13 45 Comments

I get Injustice: Gods Among Us in the mail today and I have to admit, I’m buying Lobo as soon as I can. Why? Because it’s Lobo and there is a thirteen-year-old, deep inside me, who is still angry he never got to play the Lobo fighting game.

But now DC fans are left wondering… who else will show up? We have a few guesses.


The game has shown a fairly reliable pattern: For every heroic character featured, they get a rogue from their gallery as a playable character as well. Wonder Woman gets Ares, for example. So it’s a little weird that Killer Frost is playable on the roster but Firestorm is nowhere to be found. We imagine DLC will make that up.

Mirror Master

Similarly, the Flash is on the roster but none of his rogues are anywhere to be found. It seems likely they’ll fill in that gap, but use somebody who doesn’t duplicate the others on the list. There’s a notable lack of teleporters, for example.

Starfire and/or Beast Boy

You’ve already got Cyborg, Nightwing, and Raven in the game; this is practically a Titans fighter already. Granted they may simply appear in cutscenes, but we kind of want to turn into a gorilla and beat up Superman.


Come on, who doesn’t want to trash a giant robot?

Blue Beetle

Jaime Reyes is a great character in his own right, and deserves a shot at punching more villains in the face. Besides, we want to see what the Reach looks like in motion.

The Suicide Squad

Again, they might show up in cutscenes, considering Harley Quinn is currently a member of the team. But being able to play Deadshot would be wonderful.

The Legion Of Super Heroes

We’re a little surprised the Legion isn’t already in this game, but better late than never.

Have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments.

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