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Meme Watch: Unimpressed Queen Elizabeth Wants Those Darn Olympics To Get Off Her Lawn |UPROXX|

George R.R. Martin Explains That There’s A Lot of Sex in ‘Game of Thrones’ Because Sex Is Awesome |Warming Glow|

10 Things You Should Know About Step Up: Revolution |Film Drunk|

Sports On TV: Full House’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments |With Leather|

Question Of The Day: Who’s The Most Overrated Rapper Out Right Now? |Smoking Section|

Kurt Angle Won That Fencing Match With A Broken Freakin Neck |With Leather|

Tom Hardy Rapping With A Baby Is The Internet’s Reckoning |Film Drunk|

‘Louie’ Recap: 7 Most Soul-Crushing Moments |Warming Glow|

Fred Willard Discussed Porno Theater Jerking With Fallon |UPROXX|

The Internet Takes Chick-Fil-A To The Woodshed With Abby Farle Memes |UPROXX|

July 2012 Fail Compilation |Gorilla Mask|

The Gotham Olympics 2016 |College Humor|

21 Countries With One Olympic Medal |Mental Floss|

The Watch Review: 20 Years Later, and Ben Stiller Still Doesn’t Understand the Role of a Straight Man |Pajiba|

Avengers Matryoshka Dolls: Stack and Assemble |Technabob|

16 Delightfully Naughty Censor Bar GIFs To Brighten Your Day |Buzzfeed|

The Ralph Wiggum Super-Cut You’ve Been Waiting For |HuffPost Comedy|

Mel Brooks, 86, on why he changed from writer to director and his philosophy of directing comedy |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: I’m not sure what this cat is doing, but it sure looks important. |via Say OMG|

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[Pictures via Bits and Piece and Orangehouse.]

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