Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Captures A Bronze Tiger In Its Latest Episode

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10.16.13 192 Comments
Bronze Tiger wants snuggles!

Bronze Tiger wants snuggles!

Arrow came back last week, and it was a fun opening to the season. Here’s what happened, and a preview for tonight.

In the season premiere, we learned that…

  • Ollie managed to wrest control of Queen Industries from Isabel Rochev, who doesn’t like him very much, and who also thinks you can sue people for buying stock in companies on the open market.
  • Quentin Lance’s reward for saving the city and generally being the only competent officer in the SCPD was being busted down to beat cop with a jerk for a supervisor.
  • Thea, despite still being a teenager, can legally run a nightclub and is trying to keep Roy from getting his butt kicked constantly by muggers. Hilariously, she’s been failing.
  • Felicity has become, if anything, even more delightfully lecherous.
  • Thea has apparently become the receiver of Ridiculous Guilt Trips in Ollie’s absence; everybody kept busting her chops for not wanting to hang out with her terrorist mom.
  • Diggle continues to be awesome.

This episode features the surprisingly recurring antagonist China White, who popped up in a few episodes last season and reappears, still annoyed at Ollie, in this one. Oh, and this time, she brought in Bronze Tiger, played by the inimitable Michael Jai White. Here’s a clip of them fighting!

If nothing else, it promises to be a fistfight-heavy episode. Which is hard to complain about, since that’s pretty much when this show is at its best. We’ll start all the action tonight at 8pm EST.

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