Neil DeGrasse Tyson And His Doggy Buddy Explain The Difference Between Weather And Climate Change

06.02.14 4 years ago 20 Comments


“If global warming is real, then why did we just suffer through the coldest winter since nineteen-dickety-two?”

We’ve all heard these criticisms of climate change — we may have secretly thought them ourselves from time to time while chipping ice off our sidewalks. When we’re thinking rationally, most people know day-to-day weather and climate change are two different beasts, but it can be hard to put that difference into words. Well, on a recent episode of Cosmos ol’ Neil DeGrasse Tyson explained it clearly and succinctly with the help of an adorable doggy

Sooo, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is climate change? Dammit, suddenly I find climate change informative and charming.

Via Boing Boing

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