New 'Pacific Rim' TV Spots Rise Out Of The Ocean

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06.21.13 19 Comments


The Pacific Rim train keeps on rolling as we get closer to the July 12th release date. This time, the kaiju movie has two TV spots, both of which actually have quite a bit of new footage. And beatings!

The first, called “Let’s Go Fishing”, is pretty much getting those who aren’t familiar with giant monster movies up to speed on why giant monster movies are awesome:

If I were ten, I would think this movie was “Awesome General Guy Tells Robot To Beat The Crap Out Of Monsters And Then He Does It With A Ship”. This is because I stunk at titles when I was a kid, but hey, at least it’s descriptive. The second spot is focused a little more on the squishy humans who justify the movie’s plotline:

So you’re going to put a guy who apparently just goes around punching people into a giant punching robot? Seems legit.

Joking aside, this does give us the sense there will be a little more to this movie than just monster fighting. Still, it looks like the monster fighting will be amazing.

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