A New Rumor Claims That Marvel Has Canceled Plans For An ‘Inumans’ Film (UPDATE)

UPDATE: As many have noted, there are conflicting reports rolling around that indicate that the movie is still on. At the end of the day, all of this matters very little since the movie won’t even see production until 2017 at best. We’ll know more at some point, with some definite word. I still feel like an Inhumans movie would be cool and that’s a fact we can stand by. Also Robin is Joker.


According to several sources, the very real civil war brewing behind-the-scenes at Marvel Studios has netted its first casualty: The Inhumans. Reports are indicating that the original plans for an Inhumans film are now being scrapped and the main culprit is the rift between the TV division and the folks behind the successful films. Bleeding Cool is taking the lead on the rumor, noting that the television folks have pushed for the film to be made and planned to lead in to it with at least three seasons of Agents Of SHIELD.

Slash Film notes that the move might be a strategy for Marvel films and Kevin Feige to cut ties with the television side and former boss Ike Perlmutter. We’ve already covered the decision to have Marvel films report directly to Disney from here on out, but could this possibly be the clean break? Slash Film also adds that it was Perlmutter that can apparently be blamed for much of the critically derided decisions with Marvel films over the past few years, including the lack of a Black Widow film and some thriftiness at the Marvel Studios offices.

This might help shed a bit of light on the possible mystery films coming in the post-2019 time frame and could also help make even more for Spider-Man without having to worry about being stretched too thin with their releases.

It is a little disappointing, though, particularly if this film was to be based on the amazing Inhumans mini-series by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee. They’re a cool group of heroes and seeing them on the screen would’ve been nice. A lot nicer than seeing them appearing in a lower quality Agents Of SHEILD storyline.

(Via Slash Film / Bleeding Cool)