Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead Season 2’: What We Know

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10.30.13 15 Comments

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Telltale’s The Walking Dead, based more on the comics than the show, was an enormous hit, selling millions of copies and establishing Telltale as a developer to watch. That’s a hell of an act to follow, but Telltale might be pulling it off. Here’s what we know.

There’s A Trailer, But It Doesn’t Tell You Much

Just for the record, here’s the trailer that debuted yesterday:

The Game Focuses On Clementine

Your protagonist for this game will be Clementine, the little girl Lee Everett saved and protected in the first game. As it picks up immediately after the first season, it’s pretty safe to assume Clementine is not in the best of places, in terms of health and safety.

Your Decisions In Season One Will Carry Over

Any decisions you made in Season One, and to a lesser extent 400 Days, will be applied in Season Two. Which means that, yes, if you want to play through absolutely every possibility, you’ll probably need to go through season one again. Or you can just wait for the obsessive who will do that to start posting YouTube videos.

You Can Only Preorder For PC And Mac

Sorry, console gamers, the preorder is only for PC and Mac, but at least you can choose to use Steam or buy from Telltale directly; you save a few bucks by preordering, and going through Telltale will net you an exclusive DVD.

But It’ll Be Available On Lots Of Platforms

Telltale has confirmed Season Two will be on the PS3, Vita, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, and iOS. It says it may release the game on other platforms.

It’ll Start Before Christmas

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like the consumption of flesh by the undead. Episodes will follow four to six weeks until the five-episode season is wrapped up. So we’ll be waiting with bated breath until 2014 to see where poor Clem ultimately winds up.

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