The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Leaks, Goes First Person POV

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07.19.11 3 Comments

The full trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man will play before screenings of Captain America: The First Avenger this weekend, but you can check out a low-definition version of it below.  The film is focused on Peter Parker’s high school years as a teen genius when he’s just started dealing with his new powers.  The film opens July 3rd of next year in 3D.

It looks like director Marc Webb decided to embrace the 3D and make it especially vomit-inducing for theater goers, as the trailer kicks into first person point of view near the end (and here we assumed the first 3D POV would be a porno).  Watching Spider-Man jump from building to building in first person POV made me dizzy even in low-def 2D on a little YouTube screen.  I’m going to have to duct tape pillows to everything around me in the theater for when the seizure starts.  Worth it.

We’ve got a few different embeds of the two and a half minute trailer below along with some screencaps in case they get pulled.

[Videos via youtube and TheFilmStage, CBM, and GeekSyndicate]

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