The Evil Dead Remake Casts Its Replacement For Ash

01.05.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Not that anybody could replace Bruce Campbell, of course, but someone will have to play the lead in the remake of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead since Campbell is only co-producing (with Raimi) and Alvarez (from the Panic Attack! short film) will be directing the remake, which is going to star Phil Collins’ daughter Lily Collins as Mia, the replacement for Ashley J. Williams, which doesn’t seem too far off from the joke I made when I heard Diablo Cody was rewriting the script (“maybe Ashley will be a pregnant teenager who fights a Kraken in a mall fountain in the third act”).

Collins played Sandra Bullock’s daughter in The Blind Side, was also in Priest and Abduction, and was cast in Tarsem Singh’s upcoming Snow White movie because he liked her eyebrows. Man, I wish I could be a director and cast people based on their eyebrows. Oh, who am I kidding? I would never cast people when I could put cats in those roles instead.

Bloody-Disgusting broke the news and also have a story summary which definitely contains a spoiler:

In this version, the story centers on five friends (David, Natalie, Eric, Olivia, and Mia) holed up at a remote cabin where they discover a Book of the Dead with a demonic force unleashed possessing each until only one is left to fight for survival. As we also exclusively reported, there is a drug subplot.

As previously explained, David is a mechanic and is engaged to Natalie. Mia is the friend who is heading to the cabin to detox; Olivia is her best friend/nurse. Eric, presumably, is the kid who unleashes the demons.

After a recent overdose, Mia struggles with her new-found sobriety. She begins acting insane, so it comes as no surprise that nobody believes her crazy claims of coyote dogs and trees attacking her!

For more updates on the Evil Dead remake, continue reading the internet. Because, when I want news about upcoming films, I browse.

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