Things That Happened: Galactus Got His @$$ Handed To Him By Ghost Rider

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06.18.12 5 Comments

You know, we really have to wonder why Marvel has never actually tried this in the comics. It’s not like everybody else hasn’t stuffed Galactus in a sack and beaten him with baseball bats. He can’t even handle some zombies.

Granted, this is in the 1995 Fantastic Four cartoon, which thinks that the Penance Stare functions like Satanic eyebeams, and also that Ghost Rider eats Quaaludes by the handful if the voice work is any indication.

Either way, every five years or so, I’m reminded that there are millions of kids out there who think the Devourer of Worlds wasn’t beaten by the Ultimate Nullifier, but by Nicolas Cage.

So, now it’s my turn to remind you.

It’d be awful, if it weren’t so funny.

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