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Do you remember the awesome Wampug picture from awhile back? Now we have videos of this cuteness. Dr. Kristen Andrews, a “veterinarian by day and a Star Wars Geek by night” (in her words), makes a costume for her pug Chubbs every year. This year she was going to make an AT-AT costume for Chubbs, but then this picture of an adorable Italian Greyhound AT-AT went viral and Andrews didn’t want to be seen as a copycat. Looking for a last minute costume idea, she spotted some white fur in a fabric store and knew what needed to be done for the good of us all.

Two videos, another picture, and two .gifs of the Star Wars Wampa pug are below. Chubbs was surprisingly compliant (good girl) for all the fittings and running around in the finished costume. Just be careful to protect your arms, Chubbs.

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