This Teenager Is Best Friends With A Basketball-Playing Family Of Deer

They say basketball is a universal language, and that may never ring more true than in the case of Kelvin Pena and the pack of deer that continue to visit his Pennsylvania home. Pena, a recent transplant from Texas, seems to have built up some rapport with the animals, even going so far as to play a little bit of hoops with them.

That was some James Harden defense biting that hard on a rather weak step back move, but hey, maybe deer just aren’t as basketball inclined as us bipedal humans with our opposable thumbs. Now, hoops isn’t the only fun Pena is having with those deer either, as he’s named a few of them and has been feeding them all sorts of foods.

There’s the crackers he tossed to his “best friend” Money.

Some powdered donuts for Bambi, Lola, Canela, Money and the gang.

After some complaints about the types of foods he was feeding his friends Pena decided to go grocery shopping and make a little change.

Then he returned with some strawberries for the entire herd.

Pena also found time to flaunt some wealth with his new friend Canela, for the hell of it.

As for why he’s decided to befriend a large group of typically wild animals, Pena said in an interview with Motherboard, “they’re not scared of me, that’s why we have a connection.” Because this is a country of capitalism, the teenager is naturally going to profit off of his newfound Basketball Deer fame with snazzy T-shirts, because of course he is. Yes, for just $25 you can sport a black or white “Everybody Eats” shirt, thanks to Pena’s newfound fame.