Cardi B Wants To Work With Every Other Female Rapper

Cardi B doesn’t discriminate when it comes to her wish list of dream collaborators. In a video interview with the Associated Press, Cardi B fielded questions about her success, her new album, the time she met Beyonce, and which female rappers she’d like to work with.

“All of them!” she responded to the latter question, “I love Lil Kim, I love Trina, I like Remy Ma, I love Nicki, I love all of them. Sheesh!” She just might get her wish, on at least a few of those; Lil Kim has promised a “Ladies Night” remake featuring Cardi, while Remy Ma brought Cardi onstage with her during her Summer Jam set.

However, with both of those ladies currently beefing with the reigning queen of hip-hop, she and Nicki Minaj may be closer to that fan-imagined beef than an actual collaboration.

Of her upcoming album, Cardi said, “It will be dropping in October. I’m a little nervous to put the project out but I think it’s gonna do pretty good. It’s a lot of pressure on me. Everybody is waiting to see what I’m gonna have next and it’s like, I hope people love it. But I have confidence. I’m really good.”

She should be confident, as she can count Beyonce among her growing number of fans. “Ah! I met Beyoncé!” she gushed, “I’m surprised Beyoncé liked me.” Thanks to the international chart-topping success of “Bodak Yellow,” Beyonce just might have to make room on that Cardi B bandwagon.