Dr. Dre Says An Imposter Is Posing As His Son On Instagram — But There Might Be Another Explanation

Fake or “parody” accounts of famous people are nothing new, but one particular account had the added bonus of also somehow being verified. Today, music mogul and record producer Dr. Dre took it upon himself to set the record straight regarding an Instagram account he says is falsely claiming to be his son. He says this account has nothing to do with him and is not related to him, despite having the coveted blue check of a “verified” account. However, this all may simply be a case of mistaken identity stemming from one of the most unusual coincidences in the early days of hip-hop.

The account, @jetpacknyc belongs to someone named “Lou G.” whose bio simply reads “Dr. Dre’s son.” This account, which only has 24 posts total, has garnered a following of over 459,000 users. Dr. Dre posted a screenshot of this account along with the caption, “This person is claiming to be the son of Dr. Dre. He is not. He is a complete fake. There is no relation.”

However, it appears the much more famous Dr. Dre, Andre Young, has forgotten about the existence of his significantly less well-known counterpart, a radio DJ and former MTV VJ from New York named Andre Brown, who also goes by “Doctor Dré.” From 1989 to 1995, Doctor Dre and Ed Lover were the co-hosts of MTV’s hip-hop music video show Yo! MTV Raps.

This explanation would seem to fit better with the “NYC” portion of Lou G.’s handle, and the misspelling is common of teenagers and young adults online. This could all very well just be a mixup. Unfortunately, whatever the reason for the account’s claim of being “Dr. Dre’s son,” it’s since been deactivated by Instagram, leaving behind only Dr. Dre’s post as evidence of its existence and no explanation for the unusual profile bio.