Atlanta Rapper Lil Baby Affirms That Kevin Gates Listened To New Music In Prison

Getty Image

Kevin Gates was released from prison yesterday, which stirred anticipation for new music from the Baton Rouge rhymer. It sounds like he may have hit the ground running, as he and his team posted artwork that read “I Am Him” to their social channels. Those were the three affirming words he used to end a letter he wrote while serving his 30-month sentence for gun possession. Is it a song? Is it a mixtape appetizer for an album, or a full blown album? Time will tell, but we can at least have some assurance that he’s in the loop musically.

Atlanta rapper Lil Baby posted on his Instagram story that he spoke with Gates upon his release. The budding 19-year-old is making noise with songs like “My Dawg” and connections to the powerful Quality Control crew. Surprisingly, those facts weren’t lost on Gates, who apparently knew of Lil Baby well. “This n**** knew the words to my songs word from word,” Lil Baby said. He also noted the ironic significance of their conversation, saying, “that sh*t really meant a lot because I really got through my prison bid listening to that n****.” What a cycle. Hopefully, both artists can stay free – and maybe collaborate down the line if it makes sense.