Lil Pump Celebrates His New Deal With A Money Truck In The ‘ESSKEETIT’ Video

Lil Pump just re-upped with Warner Bros on a new deal, and he’s commemorating it Isiah Thomas style in his new “ESSKEETIT” video. Many rappers like to flex with a European or muscle car, but Pump pulled out a whole money truck to symbolize his new deal. “Got a new car/Got a new b*tch/And I got a new deal,” he rhymes on the track. That said, he’s not a new Pump. He spends half the Ben Griffen-directed video smashing in the back window of the new car, true to his punk-rap roots. The track is dominated by a zany, gyrating synth that brings to mind Soulja Boy’s “Smokin Dat Piff” track.

Perhaps a young Pump heard that at Soulja Boy’s concert that he apparently attended back in the day and was inspired. Pump now stands in a place Soulja Boy once did, as a young artist at the forefront of a new wave.

Pump co-directed the “ESSKEETIT” video, showing a new side of his creativity. Hopefully, he can resolve whatever legal challenges he’s dealing with and stay on the road to success. He’s probably working on a new project, as well as whatever is going on with him and Lil Yachty’s collaboration album.