More Information Has Emerged About Lil Wayne’s A3C Show That Abruptly Ended In Pandemonium

10.07.18 7 months ago

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UPDATE: While no definitive cause has been nailed down as yet, A3C issued an official statement that festival organizers are working with law enforcement to determine what happened, however, rumors of a shooting were likely exaggerated. “We are still collecting information to determine exactly what happened,” it read. “Please be assured that the law enforcement officers present have confirmed that there were no weapons involved.”

Atlanta’s A3C music conference ended suddenly on Sunday night, with audiences rushing out of the Lil Wayne set amidst chaos and pandemonium. Some claimed there was a brawl; others heard gunshots.

The culminating event came early into the rapper’s set, around 10:15pm EST on Sunday night. No official word yet on what occurred, but whatever happened was enough to end the conference abruptly and send people rushing into the streets.

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